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Joining in Group Buys

I used to attend online sprees although not a lot. Sprees allow us to buy things at a lower price and sometimes, free delivery. One does not buy $200 worth of product and be able to finish the food before it expires.

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So, recently, I joined a group buy via WhatsApp in my area. The food introduced in the chat is different and not the usual stuff that one can just go out and buy. Which is good. Apparently, floss bread is a hot commodity because the people love floss bread. Not quite what I like since floss tend to drop all over the place and I dislike cleaning up the mess.

So, I have tried carrot sticks but when those are cold, they don’t taste as nice. The batch also tasted like the oil had not been changed for too long. I finally got into the groove and bought a few more stuff. Although, I believe they could have used Telegram so that they can put in polls to organise the group buys easier by polling.

What’s amazing about this group chat is that there are a few who are awesome at negotiating for a lower price. Really the typical Singaporean style of bargaining for better offers because we are buying in bulk after all.

Telegram does have more interesting stickers to use.

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