The Heartbreaks in Unsolved Mysteries

I started watching Unsolved Mysteries only because it was hyped up in Facebook and Reddit. I like to watch thrillers and mysteries. So, this was a reboot for 2020.

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Now, the first episode was about Rey Rivera. Boy oh boy, that is a whole lot of mystery because his body was found in a locked room. For 8 days, his body rotted inside and nobody knew. Apparently, if the room is locked, there is no need to do cleaning.

Now, what was heartbreaking was that he was married for a relatively short time before he went missing and later found dead. His wife was heartbroken. As a wife myself, I can feel her pain. When you love someone and later find that spouse dead with unexplained reasons, it is heartbreaking and since his death in 2011, the answers have yet to be found.

What was mysterious was that from where he had fallen, it looked like he fell straight from the top and too far away from the roof. I kept thinking of some sort of SciFi teleportation with some silencing technology to prevent anyone from hearing anything that night.

A few of the episodes revealed other mysteries with some losing their mother, son and a whole family. I cannot imagine a parent actually would go through the motion of killing the whole family. A noble family, no less.

For a child to lose their parents, they are called orphans, a man who lost his wife, he is called a widower while a woman who lost her husband, a widow. When any parent who lost their children? There are no terms. Just someone who lost their child and if the situation was a murder, it is more heartbreaking when they cannot even figure out the reason why their child was killed even years later.

Of course, the famous mysteries of Singapore are still mysteries.

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