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The Start of A New Month

February has come to a close and each year, I feel that it just flies past. If anyone is born in February, the birthday month just feels so short and the birthday promotions are over in the blink of an eye.

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I think that’s why I tried to give birth in the months where the days of the months vary from 30 to 31 days. My children are now growing up and fighting each other. The elder one tends to squeeze the younger one’s cheeks. The younger one tend to snatch the toys from the elder one because she doesn’t know how to play that toy in the first place.

I have half a mind to throw and donate the toys somewhere. At least the toys won’t take up my floor space and bedroom and kitchen. Seriously, these toys are like from Toy Story and they walk when we are not in the vicinity. The least they can do is to climb into the toy box that is lying on the floor!

March is the month where I somehow plan for the June holidays. Yet, I have never had the chance to think of activities for my children because I have to work. I tend to plan for the weekends and look at where the shopping malls have events and bring my kids there.

The iPad is a good way to entertain them for a while but I don’t want them to be glued to it all the time. It’s good to get out of the house (let’s forget that the toys are still strewn on the floor and I have yet to clean the house properly) and enjoy ourselves. Besides creating a huge hole in our wallets because of the rising food costs and other entertainment costs.

I have yet to find a stroller that will let the both kids sit in when they are tired or sleepy. Probably because the elder one should have napped at home before we go out. Sometimes, the elder one just fight sleep too much. Dear Sandman, please find a way to strengthen your powers so that my kid will just nap when I tell her to nap. 2 PM nap time is a good time!

This reminds me, hubby is having his birthday in just a few days and I have not bought him anything. Actually, since the eldest one arrived, I haven’t done anything for him because he doesn’t like cake. Cake is the easiest to buy and yet he doesn’t enjoy it. I often end up wishing him happy birthday and that’s it.

Anyway, I hope this March, I can survive it. So many days of March.

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