I’m a mother who will explore the following:

How to earn extra money

Com’on, we all need that extra money to buy stuff for the kids, such as toys. The never ending toy lists and because I secretly want those toys too.

How to dress fashionably

My current fashion sense is T-shirt and capri pants, hopefully, clean. Some CC and BB cream just to ensure that the face looks decent and not overshadowed by the dark circles. Why do I always meet those friends when dressed in my worst?

How to use social media

I know of a lot of social media that is trending. I just don’t have the time to use them all. I’m using IFTTT just to synchronize these posts to the social links that I want to have updated. Which someone said is a bit extra. But who cares? I happy.

How to parent the kids

So far, I have tried to the soft and hard methods. The cane didn’t work out that well. The bribery didn’t work that well either. I’m still looking for that solution to get the kids do what I say. No, I don’t bribe them all the time since it can get me into trouble with my bank account reaching $0. It’s more of the “YOU BETTER DO WHAT I SAY BECAUSE I SAID SO!” phase.

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