Long CNY Weekend Feels Too Short

This year, CNY falls on Friday and Saturday. It feels too short because I simply don’t feel that I got enough rest. We didn’t visit all the houses in 2 days. We just went from the in laws and then to my family side.

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I can’t believe that just by visiting 3 places in 2 days will result in us being so tired. I feel the lack of sleep and rest. Could be too much of the CNY goodies but I didn’t eat much this time round. In fact, I have been eating such goodies less.

The annual visit to the uncle who owns a flower farm meant that I could bring my girls up to take pretty photos with flowers in the foreground and background. Since it was already CNY, the nice looking flowers have already been picked.

The brother-in-laws took hold of the chance to ask for permission to take about 4 pots of young orchids and a plant that looked like a small money plant. They managed to find nice looking ones. My question is this: can they keep them looking nice after they have been planted in their homes?

I can’t say that I have green thumbs. My father-in-law waters the plants that my mother-in-law planted. She has never needed to water them. Hence, the plants are well taken care of.

I would love to have a small space to plant herbs and flowers at home though.

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