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An Exhausting Trip to The TCM

I was at work for one hour when my babysitter called me with my firstborn crying. My kid had managed to sprain her neck. Again. So, instead of taking over the front desk for the morning, I rushed back after getting approval from my boss and went home by train. A good thing that I didn’t waste money on taxi. The TCM opened only at noon.

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So, the injured party decided to sit in the stroller. She is petite, hence, the stroller is still struggling along. Actually, I was struggling more to push the stroller. We took the train since taking the bus is a challenge. The ramp will not be put down unless the bus driver sees that it’s necessary. I have a feeling that the ramp will be put down only if I demanded loudly. Later be put on Stomp video? No.

The train ride was pretty smooth. Walked quite a distance from the train station to the TCM under the hot sun. I don’t know whether it was a bad thing. Since Nov and Dec tend to be rainy. Finally, we made it to the TCM only to see that it opened at 12 PM. It was 11 AM. I had an injured child who was starting to be cranky because the pavements were uneven, the old style of using bricks as flooring.

A terrible situation to be in the stroller with a neck that throbbed with each bounce. Eventually, I decided to eat. The kid was drinking Green Tea. The only drink that I would allow her to drink if I spend the money. She didn’t want to eat anything since I gave her bread before that.

Took my time in eating but there was still 30 min to go. It was hot and I didn’t know where else to go since the shops didn’t have toys for the child to explore. She absolutely refused to wait in front of the TCM shop. The phobia of visiting doctors.

In the end, noon arrived. The doctor was still nowhere in sight. The front desk was also not there to open the clinic. My girl was getting cranky and crying to go home. There was no way to go home after all the trouble I went through. I would pay for the massage session somehow and refused to entertain her cries.

Finally! The doctor arrived and we waited for him to setup the clinic and went in as the first patient. The aunty was nice to let us go in when she saw how upset my girl was.

The massage took some time and my girl stopped sobbing during the massage. The adventure took us at least 4 hours. From 10 AM to 2 PM when I finally passed my girl back to the babysitter. After the doctor’s trip, we had to visit Kiddy Palace. That shows how kids think. They want to enjoy after their ordeal.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t have the energy to do anything else except put the ingredients into the slow cooker at the MIL’s kitchen for the baby. MIL likes to cook for the baby, so I just found some ingredients and dumped them in after my nap. The perks of having a relative as my babysitter and where they live next to each other.

Oh, I went to De Yi Chinese Physician.

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