Spruce Up Your Wedding

When I held my wedding many years back, the package was all done by the hotel. We got to choose our wedding favours that we didn’t get to keep because of being caught up in the march in and changing the gowns. We even chose a set of utensils in hopes that we could keep them for ourselves. In fact, the favours were so useful that there was no spare set for us.

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There is a child in me that I like this gumball machine. It can be reused again to coax young kids, no?

Red Mini Classic Gumball Machines

These days, we have to save the earth, so, a reusable tote bag is great.

Team Bride Black Canvas Tote Bag

A good wine can get be kept for drinking within the next few days with this stopper.

Leaf Wine Stopper

Travellers would like this cute luggage that can keep your sweets, hairbands and other small stuff.

Mini Travel Trolley With Wheels & Retractable Handle

What sort of wedding favours would you choose for your wedding?

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