A Clean Toilet With Easy Methods

I am the lazy type of home up-keeping. I am simply too tired from work to clean up the house every single day. I just want to sit on the sofa or lie down on the bed and zone out. Thus, I want to keep the house cleaning to a minimum.

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The grooves on the toilet floor tiles and walls have been gathering mold and living a tad too happily. Thus, I bought this mildew gel that claims to eat or clean up the mold in just 5 hours. Someone tested it and I decided to buy it. The gel works like a charm. My grooves are no longer moldy. The cleanliness can be seen visibly when the layers of mold are thick. Goes to show how long I have not scrubbed and broke my back in trying to clean up the toilet.

Another product that claims to reduce the smells, especially from the sewers or drainage area is this thing called Sani Stick. Can’t say that I can see whether my drains are now cleaner than before since I can’t change the pipes to transparent. However, there is less smell and better water flow to the drainage.

Since my drains tend to gather hair, yuck, I need to clear up the hair to improve the drainage system. So, I bought cable ties and DIY the hair catcher thingy to get rid of the hair. I don’t keep the thing, thus, it’s more economical to use cable ties. Alternatively, if you prefer to use one and clean that up, you can buy the hair catcher thingy to use on a regular basis.

Cheers to unclogged drains and cleaner toilets!

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