Build An Efficient Home

Staying in my own home means that I have to keep the house clean and with the rising bills, I would prefer the electric bills to be kept relatively low. It’s already tough enough trying to keep afloat with the stagnant salary. Rising utilities bills is not going to help my cause in trying to keep expenditures down or stagnant.

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Using a timer to ensure that the lights are switched off after a certain timing will help me with the electric bills. A Honeywell RPLS730B1000/U 7-Day Programmable Switch for Lights and Motors – White is great to control the lights.

Now, a AmerTac SLC6CBC-4 100W Programmable Light Control will help control the lights too.

Now, in 2017, it was mentioned that all homes would have to be fitted with a smoke alarm. This First Alert SA521CN-3ST Onelink Integrated Wireless Smoke Alarm would come in handy now.

Sometimes, we may forget that our taps are still turned on and we leave the house in a hurry to reach work on time. So, we will need a Smarthome SELECT Water Leak Detection Alarm to help us. The utilities bills will kill me before anything else.

If all you like is to get someone to automate it, let’s try out Echo Dot (2nd Generation), Black to help us programme all those devices, shall we?

How would you keep your home efficient and maintain or reduce the amount of electricity and water usage?

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