Year Has Gone Half Now

The year has gone in half. So far, we as a family have done things in half too. With restricted movements, although, not as strict as the ones in China, we managed to survive with HBL, the horrors of trying to teach a child when you still have to work full time in the office at the usual number of working hours and commuting with masks on.

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Wearing a mask at work was not the issue. Wearing the mask while needing to do strenuous work was the issue. How on earth do those medical staff survive this while helping those who need physical help to the toilet?

Our trips to the outside world simply includes shopping for groceries and other essentials. Although, stationery would have been a problem had I not taken advantage of the promotions previously and bought more than enough for the children. It is always good to stock up despite our limited living areas.

I was also relieved to have stock up on toilet paper whenever there is a promotion. I mean, who can actually afford to buy when they are selling at the usual prices? There is this lure to the word “sales”, you know?

The only time we did manage was to gain entry to SEA World when the closure started closing in and I enjoyed not jostling with the crowds who have no sense of time with dawdling on taking selfies. My child got to see the marine animals without being knocked down in the dark.

Now that SEA World is unable to operate, our annual pass is just lying pretty at home. When it reopens, I have no idea if the crowd would be shoulder to shoulder or there would be changes to how they are going to do crowd control.

This whole issue with safe distancing was managed poorly according to the “experts” who kept crying aloud for schools to close. Now that it did, they realised belatedly that they cannot handle teaching the children and working from home.

I was against the school closure, not because of work but because it would mean nothing except playtime for the kids. If they can get away with not doing the HBL, they would. I have seen the kids being told to come to the schools just to do the HBL under supervision. It creates nothing but extra work on ensuring that the kids are doing the safe distancing and doing their homework. The staff who had to babysit those kids still have routine work, do those people who kept crying out for school closure ever think of the logistics?

Staff in schools do not merely sit in the office and just the computers all day long. There are physical duties to be done. If you don’t know the workflow and routine, STFU.

I am tired of the keyboard warriors who just spew things out without thinking about the work logic. You can always pressure others but do you really think you did get the benefits? People just do your stuff first just to shut you up so that they can do other things in peace. You are not getting the best service, you are simply getting the service that is basic.

Pressuring others to deliver teaching services for example during the HBL is silly when the teachers can’t go to your homes to teach and then you claim “We are paying the teachers for what? How come we still have to teach our kids?”

What did you think when you were the ones who kept pressuring the school to close down for the children’s health? You can’t expect the teachers to travel to each home individually, right?

These few months have given me some things to see and they ain’t pretty. Sometimes, parents can be daft.

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