The Long Days of Full HBL

While it may be called Home-Based Learning, I call it Home Based Languishing. For the kids anyway. As parents, provided we are not involved in working in the essential industries, we get to work with a lot less crowd. Social distancing working in the first few days.

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The next few days may consist people posting photos of how they attempt to teach fractions using wine or beer. There has to be routine established for the kids when they do not have school but at home. This Coronavirus has gone rather long. It has been a marathon and the fight is still ongoing including the fight against Dengue.

Clearing up the water at home is simple enough. Just make sure I pour them into the toilet bowl instead of flushing since the amount of water left in the bucket is enough the flush the toilet bowl anyway.

For some reason, my kid behaves differently when it comes to learning and studying at home. For her, home means a break. Play time. Probably because I’m working 80% of the time and I return home too tired to teach except scream at her for not doing her homework first.

The rounds of crying and me screaming and now, I’ve developed a few phases for myself. Scream at the child for not doing the homework first. I can go through the difficult ones that she had not managed to understand.

Most of the time, I’m giving the answers which defeats the purpose of her racking her brains for answers. This HBL is not working for me. I still have to work to support others before I can support mine.

I should have gone into a hermit mode. Anyone wants an online drinking session?

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