Surviving The School Holidays

It had never been so tough to go through the school holidays. Only because there was no virus spreading around by socially irresponsible people. A lot of the events that were planned have been cancelled or postponed. Including the swimming sessions held by the school for my elder girl.

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The only furthest place we brought the kids were to the Jewel Changi Airport. It was not quite crowded or empty. Probably more spaces between people. We made use of the available hand sanitisers and the free entry to Canopy Park. Considering that it is located in the airport, it is way much smaller than Gardens by the Bay Dome.

With this Covid-19 affecting everything, the hotels and shops have been trying to recover their loses by promoting sales, free carpark entries and all. Sales have been going on earlier than usual. Shops that sell a jumble of stuff now stock up on hand sanitisers, masks and disinfectant sprays and all. I have collected some hand sanitisers. Since we will be stuck in Singapore, it is easy to find toilets and wash our hands.

The hand soaps and wash basins are now working full time. I have also kept a bottle of hand soap and distributed it into smaller bottles in the toilets. I have rarely used hand soaps at home. However, it is never too late to put them near the wash basins.

In addition, large events have gone into online sales to boost their profits.

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