How Nice To Own My Own Home

When I spoke to a couple of youngsters, they were lamenting their ability to own their own home. Yes, the HDB flats these days are exorbitantly high. I had my whole CPF savings wiped out just to cover the down-payment for my current one. FYI: I’m still paying for it. Unless I strike lottery to pay off the rest of the balance, I’m stuck with this flat.

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I would love to have a house with my balconey so that the plants can live there.

I would love to have a room so that they kids can do their kid stuff there.

I would love to have a study room so that we can all do the computers and work related stuff there.

I would love to have my own craft room or she-shed so that I can do my crafts like fake terrarium with fake moss stones etc there. I have had enough plants dying and it is depressing.

I would love to have my walk-in wardrobe in my masters bedroom so that I can also have a proper makeup area too.

I would love to have a proper dining room.

I would love to have a well ventilated kitchen with an island.

That kind of love takes a lot of money and the money does not just include renovating and buying the house. It involves the cleaning services and tools in order to keep this house clean. Did those young people really think that by owning your own house, your house will be cleaning itself up?

Yes. You get the freedom that you crave without your parents questioning you why are you reaching home only at 4 AM. If your parents are not grilling you, then you should be worried. Because they don’t really care about your safety.

Yes. We are living in Singapore. However, there is always this worry about your own child. If I ever stop worrying about my child, then I no longer love my child.

Owing your flat for example doesn’t mean that you really own it. In Singapore, you are just renting in for 99 years. You can’t really pass it on to the next generation and the next and the next.

You still need to pay for the electricity and water bills for the basic stuff. Then, the Town Council will ask for the fees. Did you really think that you are just paying for the flat?

One day, that robot vacuum of mine shall be running on a daily basis without sucking up the mini toys. For now, it shall be running when I want the kids to keep their toys.

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