A Dash of Colour

I have liked to use cosmetics ever since I discovered that I looked less zombie-like. The dark eye circles have worsened over the years and it is unsettling to see my face in the mirror saying that I have not had any sleep for years.

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Concealor is my best friend. Hiding the uneven spots on the face so that I look less patchy.

Color Correcting Concealer Palette

I have started to contour my face after watching a few tutorials. I must say, contouring does hide my squarish jawline.

Contour & Highlight Duo – Dark/Deep

A good lip gloss helps to bring out the lips. Kiss-worthy lips are great to look at and kiss.

Glitz it Up – Maui

My eyeliners tend to be thick because the eyelids hide the eyeliner when I open them. The pitfalls of having monolids. I like liquid eyeliners because they stay on longer on my eyelids than other types that I have tried so far.

In order to make sure my makeup stay on as if I have just put them on, I use a setting spray.

HD Setting Spray

How do you brighten yourself up before you step out of the house to face the world?

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