Relatable Michael McIntyre

I have been randomly seeing the Facebook videos of Michael McIntyre. What caught my attention was his version of getting out of the house with kids. Young kids and often, Lucas, his son was always mentioned. Reminds me of my eldest one.

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I love that short.

Michael McIntyre talks leaving the house | Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow | BBC Comedy Greats

There are other shorts of him sharing about his adventures with his family. Totally can relate because it is the same. Every-freaking-where.

And then, there is this night routine. Oh. My. God. Same!

Feeding, Dressing, Washing And Putting Kids To Bed Is A Never Ending Battle! | Michael McIntyre

I would agree that I have never loved my kids more than bedtime. When they are actually asleep.

You Never Love Your Child More Than When They Are Unconscious And Still Breathing | Michael McIntyre

What I always laughed is how his fringe will shake whenever he nods his head. The way he emphasizes the points by shaking his head vehemently. Case in point below.

Michael McIntyre on thieves – BBC

So, do you have a favourite comedian on family adventures?

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