Annual House Visiting

Every Chinese New Year, I would visit my grandmother on day 1 after visiting the mother-in-law. That’s when almost all the family members will gather there and I will be giving out the red packets to those unmarried ones.

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Somehow, it has progressed to the stage where the first 2 days we will be visiting important places and it has reduced to 2 places with transport provided. Taxi is a gone case because most of them will be ferrying their family members. Hence, I have given up on taxis during CNY.

If it were just me and hubby, we would be out using public transport. With 2 young kids, we decided that the best places are places with transport like from the father-in-law and brothers-in-law. If hubby were to have a car, there would be no more restaurants for the kiddo who loves and eats only from selective restaurants. Either we feed the children or we feed the car. We decided to feed the children because taxis are always available on other days, 363 days is already not bad.

This year, we took home 3 air plants from visiting the hubby’s uncle who owns a flower farm. The choices have expanded from orchids to air plants. At least air plants can survive in the office. Which BTW, fengshui recommends plants in the office. I think the sharp edged leaves for the air plants are now not recommended to put in the office. Let me see if I can get some succulents instead.

I have to plan for the house visiting for the coming weekend because CNY ends on 18 Feb, it can just happen in a flash. While I managed to control my indulges, I can’t say the same for the younger girl who was happily eating noodles, snacks, keropok and drinking packet drinks. I guess it is better than her trying to disturb and scare away the dogs at the farm.

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