The Years Are Short

Indeed, the days are long but the years are short. I have grown used to looking after the kids that there are times that I don’t know what to do if I have the time for myself, even if it were for an hour.

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Since the girls are growing rather fast, I now feel a sense of lost. Purpose, perhaps since missing out on their milestones is a major downside. Working full time and the inability to find something that allows me to pay the bills on a flexi pay is difficult. I have to work long hours aka the standard office hours of 8 hours daily on a five-day week, just to pay the bills and afford the educational needs.

The girls have learned to ride the tricycle and the three-wheel kick scooter. The elder one is now learning basic swimming in school due to the Swim Safer programme that they have in place for primary schools now. The swimsuits were expensive.

So far, the only enrichment programmes that the kids are on is just the I Can Read phonics lessons. I’m stopping the elder on once she completes the full 1 year. About a month from now. The next step is to just give her tuition because she has difficulty learning when I’m coaching her.

Some kids just need others to coach them. Meaning, we have to spend money. Again. We don’t print notes but the kids keep wanting us to pay for a tonne of things. It’s illegal to print notes anyway. Not that I want to print the cash.

I’m glad the kids are learning things. I’m too tired to think of activities to help them learn things. Working full time drains my energy and I just want to sit and stone or just relax my mind.

The housework are just laundry that waits patiently for me. Without doing that one task, no one would be able to go out decently.

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