Multi Linguist Benefits

I never had the chance to learn my Mother Tongue. No, not the Mandarin language, it is my dialect language. It has always been a regret that I had the best teacher, my dad, and he believed in the campaign to speak Mandarin rather than to speak our dialect.

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The only dialect that I picked up was only Hokkien. My only wish for my kids is that they are adept at picking up languages. So far, I can only teach them English and Mandarin. Unfortunately, Tamil is tougher so I won’t be able to let them learn. I might get them to attend language classes in future, hence, my obsession with extra income. The extra income would definitely help with the payments of those classes.

I can’t deny the fact that being a linguist has its benefits. I have fancied the idea of being a translator and have now extinguished this thought. My grasp of English is still on the learning curve when I read the translated words for Chinese dramas. Those are really good. I mean, awesome. I still have a lot to learn.
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