Reflections of Full Home Based Learning

It had been a tough month and so far, I have learned that working from home with kids doing their learning at home is even tougher. Basically, nothing at work gets done.

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The parent who is teaching and going through the home based learning has to sacrifice the time in going through the lessons and ensuring that the lessons are done.

The child has to be self-disciplined to do the work or the parent will use the cane to get things done. Sometimes, bribery occurs. Other times, a lot of breaks and dragging the 5 hours of learning into 10 hours of torture.

For both parents who have to go out to work due to the nature of the job scope, it is tough. The student care services will have to go through the work with the students or whoever is looking after the kids will have to go through. That is provided that they know what to do.

Since, it’s the first time that the HBL is in full force for 3 consecutive weeks, it had been a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. Towards the end of the HBL, the word “homework” triggered a meltdown for my child. She could not handle the routine and long hours of doing homework.

Using her brain cells is not her forte. The hubby who had been diligently helping her was about to go bonkers from her constant breaks and interruptions while his attempts at working on his work from home things were halted.

I took over when he had to go to on site. Obviously, I had to take leave. So, my method of going through was to reduce the number of breaks and force my child to finish one section before she was allowed to go for her snack breaks which would require one snack break every 10 minutes.

I would hurry her to think. Make her think. Force her to think. Basically, I was the slave master. It took her about 5 hours to finish the homework.

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