The End of 1st Full HBL

The end of the full HBL is now over. This was the first case of 3 torturous weeks with crying, screaming, sobbing and whining all from the kid. While I did minimal screaming and threatening, I got to thank the hubby for managing it with her. I took over when he had to go to office.

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For me, I can’t work from home due to the nature of my work. I took leave just to cover the days that he was not able to supervise her. My style was to chop chop finish and that’s it. There is no way, a kid can actually stand more than 2 hours of studying. With the numerous snack breaks, I kept up my commander style of “Hurry up!” to “HURRY UP!” until she completed all the work that was due.

This is the first time Singapore has done a full HBL and it was quite a wild ride. I can accept doing this once a term for a day or three but not for 3 full weeks. It is unbearable.

There will be more such days and I do hope that my job scope will allow me to work from home in the future. There will be changes to how we work but the fastest turn around is usually in the private sector where bold decision-makers will draw up an improved Business Continuity Plan during such pandemics in the future.

While life had been difficult for the elder one who isn’t into studying, life was difficult for the younger one who was into studying but we were unable to engage with her.

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