How To Fill Up Kids’ Time

The school holidays are starting soon and I have to plan some enrichment classes or the kids will lose out. Right. As if I got the energy and money to flaunt to ensure that they are occupied 16 hours out of the day.

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Now, not to say that there aren’t activities. I managed to sign up the younger one who is now qualified to attend phonics classes. Apparently, she is taking it like a duck to water. Speaking more English despite the lack of correct pronunciation. So far, I haven’t been able to correct her speech but at least she understands English a little better now.

She is also enjoying the class. Who would not if the teacher isn’t teaching it in a fun way? Me? I would have bored the kids to tears because I am boring in my teaching style. “I have repeated myself for the 1000th time, why do you still not get it?” Totally no patience to teach young kids at all.

A few random finds.

  1. The Resilient Child – apparently, we need to throw kids into such courses so that they learn how to be resilient.
  2. Studying Smarter – so, kids need to learn how to set goals and all. Probably why I’m suited for working for someone instead of being the boss.
  3. Swimming – I should start to throw the kids into the water swimming lessons.

There are going to be many more activities for the holidays. So, we need not worry about what the activities are but how big the wallets or smaller by then.

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