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Exam Fever

This year, shall be exam year. Every parent will worry about this because it is a new start to how schools are now going to score the primary 6 students. There are no more staying back a year for students who are poorer in studying the same level of education.

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Standardising the scoring for exams make it easy for the teachers to mark those who are not understanding the same subjects being taught at the same level or speed of teaching. We are divided into different groups of learning capabilities. The same subjects can be understood in different ways of being delivered but it has never been possible to actually create the many different ways of teaching so that everyone understands the subject.

Sometimes, I do worry about how my kids are going to cope with the education and there are times that I find it tiring that the education has gotten to the point that I have to do homework that I no longer understand how they are being taught in school.

I get home late and too drained out to actually teach or rather give answers instead of finding ways to get my kids to understand the topics. I rely heavily on the tuition teachers now because I cannot understand the body systems, scaffolding to English (what is scaffolding?) and other methods. I only know that I had to memorise the meanings of adverbs, past tense, present tense, past present tense, synonyms, hyponyms, rhymes, and many others.

So, I am not looking forward to this year since it has been difficult to teach my kids after work and the teachers always say “I understand that it is tiring to do homework with your children.” and “The levels are going to be difficult, they have to keep practising.”

Right, so, I am tired of hearing that as parents, we have to be teachers for all the subjects after work too. If the children are understanding the subjects in schools, there won’t be any need for tuition or parents having to become free teachers at home too.

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