The Partial HBL Month

The PSLE is starting and it means that those in primary schools for children especially, they are particularly happy with not attending schools. Not for parents or caregivers who have been tasked with the dreaded HBL. This was the bane of my life since April when FHBL was implemented for a whole month.

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What is torturous is about getting the kids to actually do the homework without asking for breaks. Imagine writing just one alphabet and then asking for a toilet break, snack break, drink break and whatever break the kids can think of.

Since I have to work full time, taking leaves just for the HBL is not possible even though I’m in the industry dealing with children. The irony. There was no concern from the management side to check if I had to deal with my kids during the CB period. How caring.

Since October is for PSLE, I have to deal with the HBL again. As much as I want to ensure my kid completes the work, I am not sure if I’m able to concentrate on the HBL while the panicking colleagues will text me just for simple troubleshooting. Like how to record and save Zoom meetings when it is not possible if the settings are not set correctly.

As much as I support the use of technology, it must be realistic planning and expectations. One does not assume that P1 to P3 kids will be able to just jump into using SLS without help. This generation of kids only know how to use the touch screen. They can’t type for nuts if you don’t teach touch typing in the first place.

I just need the energy to finish this year. Some self care is required.

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