War Against Mosquitoes

I have always had problems with mosquitoes because I tend to attract them. Hence, I got obsessed with anti-mosquito products. I bought patches for the kids, the cute ones are just to let them get used to having patches on their clothes.

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The ones that perform better was the ones that I brought to Penang. I’ve also used wrist bands but I got sensitive to the silicone due to long term wear.

Since I wanted to put on my bags, I bought the clips that fell apart in minutes. I have no idea why. I do like this spray from Thailand because of its floral scent and it does work. For kids who have no preference for strong smell, this is a good option to use.

With the Dengue fever always on the horizon, we do our best to protect ourselves and children. Hence, I always use the spray if I have and the patch depending on the places that we will be going to.

My personal preference

  1. Tiger Spray
  2. Tiger Patch
  3. Floral Spray by Soffell

What do you do to protect yourselves and your family?

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