Restarting Home Exercise

I started some plank workouts a year ago and stopped after about a month or so when I didn’t see the results that I had hope to have. Either I wasn’t doing it the right way or I was just impatient. I mean, that belly area still make me look pregnant and I am way too embarrassed to tell others that I am not pregnant and really do not need that seat.

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So, here I am back to the 3 minute plank workout and testing out after doing a 2 minute plank hold. Here is another way to add some cardio since plank holds can only build the strength and not trim that belly fluff.

This time, I created a music with 30 seconds for each routine and added in 10 seconds to rest in between. The first music didn’t work out quite well and I made a second set of music because I missed out the last set of music for the last routine. Apparently, the maximum plank time that will help the body is actually 3 minutes of continuous hold.

Hence, I found a 6 minute routine plank workout too.

Since I’m envious of those colleagues who have flat tummies after giving birth, I am desperate to try out the workout below too.

With no time, I think 10 minutes of doing workouts at home is reasonable. Besides, spending money on equipment is not my idea of being efficient. Or rather cost savings. I just need to follow the steps on YouTube, right?

Busy parents, how did you keep yourself healthy?

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