Christmas Party Preparation

With Christmas coming in a few days, one should get ready for the party. I mean, it has been years since looking after the kids that I actually got to get ready for a Christmas party. That is way overdue for my me-time.

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I just discovered the liquid eyeshadow. I prefer using dark shades because of the size of my eyes. I am always self conscious about my eyes because the photos always turn out that my eyes are just slits when I smile widely. I want to look nice in photos.

Liquid Shadow Eye Candy – Meteorite

Now, with such dark eyeshadow colours, the lips must look bright. There are ways to highlight the face and we are not recommended to highlight every feature on our face. Where would people look at?

Super Gloss – Bubble Gum

For those makeup pros, using the highlights is a must. Some people have high cheekbones that look great and it is good to use that to your advantage.

Heatwave Highlighting Palette

If you are like me who always have difficulties in choosing the complementary colours, get a set. This saves me the trouble of trying to match the colours and still have that party look on the eyes.

Liquid Shadow Eye Candy Quad

Now, there are still those who prefer using brushes, I believe the liquid eyeshadows still need brushes for blending the colours.

BP Professional Brush Set – Black

How are you getting ready for the Christmas party?

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