Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

This is the time of the year where we hear Auld Lang Syne. This is also the time of the year that parents have to get the children ready for a new school year and parents with boisterous kids will heave a sigh of relief.

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Off with the kids!

It had been quite a year for me with the wedding in Penang. The kids falling sick one after the other. The kids to their first lantern festival at the temple. The rush to register the younger one for her nursery level in kindergarten. Seriously, that was a hassle because the first day of registration was just after Vesak Day and I thought I had monitored the progress. Just glad that we got that settled.

I am more settled down in my job and how to improve the work process and tracking of what I need to do. So, there will be more expectations of me at work. I do not look forward to that because the workload tend to get deviated from what it is supposed to be.

The scary fancy ideas that the colleagues will have and want to buy when they have not budgeted for the items and the impatience to get the items purchased but need to go through approval among other things.

Now, hubby has been helping out more or less and I really need to give instructions or things will never get done. Why?

I have been giving the elder one some learning stuff such as practicing the writing and drawing. I have also bought some timetable for her to learn her multiplication.

On a brighter note, she will be finishing her final term in April 2020 for the I Can Read sessions. A huge burden off. I still need to make her attend tuition to strengthen her knowledge. I believe the delay isn’t good for her.

Hence, I’m not taking chances with the younger one and enrolled her in I Can Read sessions. The thing is, she will try to speak English but comes out in a babble. However, she does speak a bit more English at times such as “You are welcome” after hearing “Thank you”. Her pronunciations still need some work.

I have enjoyed the year and looking forward to a new year for once.

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