Discipline Your Kids Or Someone Else Will

Recently, I saw this post and I can’t find where it is now.

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Discipline your kids now or someone else will.

This is something that as a parent, I would feel embarrassed that someone is teaching my children that they ought to do things in a certain way when I am the one who ought to be teaching them that.

Then, I saw something like this.

Take care of your children now or you will take care of your grandchildren.

I can’t find the quote anywhere at this moment. However, I will want to enjoy my grandparent years in future. I just want to play with my grandchildren and not look after them. I have no strength to fun after a few 80 cm tall humans who just want to climb all over the place and put themselves in danger just because.

So, I want to remind myself that my children are for me to discipline while the rest will dote or spoil them rotten. In order not to let the entitlement get into their heads, I will try my very best to reject every toy buying request.

I am not a gold mine and not able to print out cash every time. I have to teach my children that not every time that we go out, we have to buy a toy. The toys can be thrown away and they do get missing somehow in the tiny apartment that we live in. The toys get found later but the rest of the parts are no longer with us due to wear and tear.

I have to teach my children almost everything and if I can’t do the academic part, I have to cough out money to tuition. I dread this part. I am working full time, so, the tutor will have to go to the babysitter’s place and I can’t gauge if the tutor would be suitable for my child.

I am still debating if I should cough out the money for tuition now or regret that I didn’t do it.

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