Life Creation Process for Kids

The other day, during dinner, I was just watching the last episode of Edwin Siu’s some martial arts drama. For the life of me, I can’t recall the title of the show because I wasn’t into it.

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Anyway, the show was ending and my eldest girl was watching it in her own way. She would watch it and then play with her toy. After the ending, she asked me about why the couple were in bed. I nearly choked on my rice.

The conversation went this way, to the best of my memory:

Kid: Mama, why are they in bed?

Me: They are sleeping.

Kid: But they are not sleeping separately.

Me: Papa (calling hubby), your girl ask why they are not sleeping separately!

Hubby: Huh? I didn’t watch. I don’t know. (At this point, I think he was purposely trying to avoid answering the question about the birds and the bees)

Me: Oh. So, what are you doing? Is your toy going to go shopping? (Or something to this effect in order to avoid answering the question)

Thankfully, she didn’t pursue further. I am going to seriously consider buying this sexual education book. This is probably the best book that explains clearly despite its explicit graphics that are actually accurate.

Alternatively, I should really stop watching TV altogether.
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Writing to keep sane. Secretly wants the toys that the kids like.

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