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Last Minute Packing for Trip

It’s our first family trip, thanks to a wedding. I have managed to pack the clothes for the kids. The toiletries and diapers will be added in. As for diapers, I have been using the disposable kind and have estimated an amount to bring with us. Not that we are travelling to a backward country. I just feel that it might be a hassle to find a shopping centre to buy the disposable ones.

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My main concern is to ensure that the air pressure be managed for the kids since it’s their first time flying. Although the trip takes about 1.5 hours, I am concerned. The younger one has never been patient if she has to sit still for more than 15 minutes unless she is sleeping.

So, I have to bring chewy sweets, biscuits and hopefully more food for them to chew on board during the take off and landing. I have not packed my clothes and other important stuff yet. I have my concerns about bringing my cosmetic sets. So, all my liquid makeup will have to be dumped into the check-in luggage. The powder types will come in my hand carry.

I am praying for a smooth transit and travel. May the odds be in our favour.

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