Misadventures of A Toddler

The young one fell off the bed one morning. The loud thud was painful hear since I heard her crying while bathing. She has this habit of tossing in bed and rolling over the bolster despite my efforts in using a new fluffy one.

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I love the body bolster because it is so comfortable and soft to hug to sleep.

My current bolster covers are now tearing at the seams. So, it is great to find colourful ones to replace the old ones. Thus, I’m also considering buying some yoga mats, a tip from someone who had kids fall off their beds when she was getting them used to sleeping in beds.

I will probably buy 2 yoga mats. I would usually place my younger one with the husband because she would wake up when she feels that I am no longer sleeping beside her. Thus, I had to place her on the bed.

One day, this will pass and she will not want to sleep next to me. I might be sad. I just need to sleep through the night because waking up at 4.30 in the morning on a daily basis is taking a toil on my health.

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Writing to keep sane. Secretly wants the toys that the kids like.

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