Stock Photos That Depict Motherhood

So, the recent news is that stock photos represent jobs badly. I want to find out how the stock photos represent motherhood accurately. Not quite bad, I must say.

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Stressed. Wash the dishes or carry the baby?

So many things to do, right?

Baby sitting on mother.

Well, I pretty much let the younger one sit on me. I think I prefer to lie on the bed though.

Working side by side. Right.

If it were that easy to work side by side with a child who loves YouTube. And a younger one who just wants to squeeze in front of the computer and pretend it’s an interactive toy.

Do you hear me?!

Pretty sure my kids would be deaf by now. I do shout until the whole block knows the name of my kids. Without the loudspeaker.

How it began

Probably how it began the era of kids who are more familiar with touchscreens than with typing on keyboards and using the mice properly.

I’m sure there are many stock photos that I missed out that depict motherhood or parenthood. Sometimes, it’s just too easy to make parenthood sound fun. Parenting is a marathon. A journey that requires patience, letting go of the hand holding, teaching values and many more.

With the internet, it is so easy to have an idea of how one should parent the children and how dangerous some parents are by the way they handle the children. The sad case of a 10 month-old baby falling to her death in a shopping centre, for example. May the baby rest in peace. My deepest condolences for the parents.

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