A Look At Infant Care and Child Care Costs

I have the luck of having a relative looking after my children. I’m so grateful because I get to use my Childcare Leaves more prudently and salute those parents who need to use up a lot more when their children fall sick.

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So, I was looking at how much it cost to put an infant into Infant Care in the event that there is no one in the family to look after a baby. It cost quite a substantial amount. And a leg. An arm if the income barely makes it.

Money Smart has a breakdown list for the various costs from buying baby stuff to putting the child into infant care and childcare. For those who prefer somewhere “atas”, MindChamps can be considered. All of my salary already go into this childcare though.

For more affordable infant care and childcare with subsidies, My First Skool can be in the consideration. It helps when you are a Singaporean since the subsidies can be substantial.

In addition to infant care and child care, the first few years of a child would cost quite an amount and Dollars and Sense has help to put up a list of the costs involved. Frankly speaking, for people who are particular about the costs, it may put them off on having children. I can understand the constraints and the struggles to enable the children to have good support.

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