A Month After The Cutie Pie’s Arrival

It has been a month since the cutie pie has arrived in my parents’ family. We went to my parents’ place because my brother is living with them and they need all the help they can get to manage a new addition and learn to become parents. I learned to become one when I first gave birth.

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It is a journey. Parenthood is a journey that can’t be rushed. Each child develops their own pace and their preferences can be jarring and not so jarring. If a child takes after a parent, it is slightly easier to manage. You can catch the pattern much more easily and make adjustments to discipline the child.

So, my mother is now looking after the new grandchild and she just bathes the baby and that’s it. The easiest job in the world. The baby is mostly looked after by the brother and sister-in-law. Sometimes, with news such as shaken head syndrome, it is difficult for grandparents to understand why new parents are so protective and scared that the babies will have their heads and brains shaken into mashed tofu. The keywords that they often missed out are “violent” and “forceful”.

Being a first time parent, anyone can get paranoid. Until you give birth to another one and you decide to let it go. There is only so much time you can spend on the kids before yelling at them not to fight over one stupid toy just because one took more interest in a toy at the moment.

My younger one was so excited about the new baby that she wanted to help with rocking the baby to sleep by enthusiastically shaking the sarong hard. I had to keep reminding her not to be so hard, kids really can’t control their strength at this point. The elder one was not so interested in the baby because the cousin was just a cousin and wouldn’t fight over her own mummy. She was more interested in the toys after seeing the baby.

Grandparents are important because they are the ones who will help out when we need someone for the kids when our work doesn’t allow us to be available. My MIL is important because she is the one who will cook dinner. At least I can always pack the soup for the lunch at work the next day.

I think I’m lucky that the hubby and I can buy the current place so near the in laws. Otherwise, I would have a headache trying to find a decent childcare place for my younger one. The older one would need to be placed in the student care somewhere in school since she is now in primary school.

We discovered something wonderful, we can order the bread from Duke Bakery via FoodPanda! If there are days that the older one craves for the Chocolate Cheese Bread, we can order from there! There isn’t any need to travel to the locations that aren’t that feasible with a stroller and 2 whiny kids who happen to whine at the most inappropriate times.

Before we reached my parents’ place, we had lunch. After lunch, the younger one vomited because she choked on the sweet. How embarrassing since I can’t clean up. We left in the evening because the younger one had flu and I didn’t want her to spread it to the baby.

So, we had dinner at the newly opened ramen restaurant at Seletar Mall. The older one whined about stomachache after eating that Mega Fries Creamy Truffles flavour. I don’t know if she had gastric and it was part of the problem. She whined at the seat and finally bend over the chair and kept whining until she coughed and out came the fluid. The vomit was a lot more than the younger one. I am probably avoiding going to the restaurant for a year or longer because of this.

The ramen place is called Ramen Hitoyoshi and I like the way I can customise my food. Probably why I also like to eat at Ramen Keisuke with the same concept except I can opt out of the spring onions.

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