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Why I Stop At Two

We had this “Stop at Two” campaign in 1972. A great success that is still being followed by most couples these days. Due to rising inflation and other factors, couples now stay as couples and simply renovate their homes with walk-in wardrobes and hacking down walls.

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Personally, I can no longer afford the things and still be able to send the kids off to enrichment classes. Besides, I look perpetually pregnant and about to give birth in the next few months for years already. It’s so tough to lose the spare tire despite my efforts at exercising and using all the methods in Tik Tok on how to lose postpartum bellies.

It is depressing at how society expect mothers to lose weight magically after a month of giving birth. Like, “You didn’t get the postpartum massage?” Excuse me, I don’t have enough to support myself and how do I find the money to get 8 sessions of massages worth $2k? I might be exaggerating the amount but the cost is pretty high considering that I have problems paying the basic bills even with hubby helping out.

Sure, business with young kids is lucrative but what about the middle-income families who have to juggle between paying the bills and toilet training the baby from the get-go so that they won’t need to spend money on buying diapers every other week?

Paying for kindergarten can be expensive and there are families who do try to apply for the subsidies and just because they exceed the amount by a small margin, they cannot qualify for the scheme.

So, I shall stop at two because the home space is small these days. I want a walk-in wardrobe and a craft room. How do I have them when I have kids and they will want their own rooms in future? How do I have enough money to renovate or move to a landed property? Why would I want a landed property with limited parking space if I ever hold BBQ parties in my spacious home while my guests have to find ways to park their cars?

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