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Now, being a mum meant that I was shopping mostly online. Thus, being protected is important. Such protection means that I am aware of how much I have spent online, where I surfed and my credentials are not stolen and most important, my privacy is kept intact.

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Actually, come to think of it. We shop online for convenience or laziness, whichever you call it. Yet, we readily give our home address to that stranger, the seller, to send us our items.

I’m shook.

In addition, I’m also aware that malware and other stuff are attacking our systems daily. The bots are working for those hackers. Hence, here is a Get a massive 70% off System Mechanic 18.7 Pro. Coupon code: memorial to protect our precious systems. Now, of course, we want to know that this is good for us, so try it: Download System Mechanic FREE

Since we have a lot of accounts besides Facebook, Instagram and many others, it is good to Safeguard Passwords and Credit Cards with ByePass™.

Finally, Get 50% off iolo’s Phoenix 360™; Total Protection, Privacy & Performance for Your Digital Life. Because we want our privacy and be safe in our interactions online.

What do you do to safeguard your digital life?

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