5 Essential Oils to Try For a Healthy Mind

I have recently started on essential oils because I didn’t want to rub anything on my skin just to repel mosquitoes. So far, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus works best. I’ve also tried using essential oils for better sleep at night. There are nights whereby I’m just drained out by the kids that I forget to use the oils.

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I would use Pine White Organic for soothing my eczema skin. One key benefit that I like is that it’s for protecting the home and body from a variety of germs.

For a good night sleep, I use Ylang Ylang III Organic since it drives away stress.

Now, for antiseptic and killing mold, I like to use Tea Tree (Australian) Organic. It’s great to treat pimples and acne too.

For a calm atmosphere, using Orange Bitter is great as the citrus smell provides a calm and soothing mood.

For those suffering from pain in the joints and arthritis, using Wintergreen can help soothe the aches.

What essential oils do you use for yourself or home to improve your lives?

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