What Doraemon Taught Me

I grew up watching Doraemon with this song. I wasn’t sure if I like the new song that my girl is watching and being more familiar with. They called Doraemon in Chinese as 小叮当 when I was watching. Now, they call him 哆啦A梦. Totally weird but then again, can’t complain.

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Doraemon was created by the duo. Full article can be found here. Lazy to type out but the gist is that Doraemon was created because of unfulfilled dreams due to daydreaming by the younger selves. Nobita Nobi is a lazy boy who has a huge and long lasting crush for Shizuka Minamoto. Doraemon was sent back in time by Sewashi (Nobita’s Great-great-grandson) to aid Nobita.

Nobita taught me not to delay if possible. Doraemon liked to remind him that homework was important for his future but Nobita being Nobita, didn’t bother to study and often asked for shortcuts to pass his studies and other things.

Doraemon was good in ignoring Nobita when he refused to listen him and got his just desserts for abusing the gadgets. Boy, I love those gadgets. How can I get my kids into something like a room when they decide to fight over the same toy suddenly. Just because the elder girl is holding it, the younger one decides that the toy or whatever that is, is now much more interesting even if she never liked it in the first place. Seriously!

I like Doraemon’s Travel Anywhere Door. If I can have it in real life, I don’t have to take the public transport and sleep longer. I can go anywhere with the kids and save on all sorts of transport costs and probably be able to visit Japan as a family!

Doraemon was good because of the language and innocence of Nobita. The main characters had different personalities and it was easy to hate the bully Takeshi Goda “Gian”. I believe Gian is a pun on giant since it is similar in pronunciation. In addition, he was huge in size.

The series has me loving every moment and lesson that Nobita was taught. A great show for kids since I find it more meaningful than others. Although, I’m still wondering why my elder one is obsessed with watching Masha and Bear. The first time she watched it was the original version and she thoroughly enjoyed it. It is only recently that the translated versions are released.

The antics from Masha is so much different from Doraemon that I am wondering if I should allow my girl to continue watching it. However, it can keep her out my way, I am ok. Probably a bad babysitter while I’m doing housework. But, hey, if the kids are quiet in a good way, I welcome the resources.

Speaking of which, the June holidays are coming and I should sign up the kids for workshops.

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