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In this volatile world whereby things are changing so fast, kids these days have so many accounts, from emails to Snapchats and Facebook. Each service usually contain service payments for premium features. offers a delayed email sending as part of its premium paid version. It also includes a storage cloud that is provided free (I have yet to use it and am not sure of the space given).

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In addition, jobs are no longer the iron rice bowls. Our job scope will change and when the boss decides that you cannot upgrade your skills or don’t want to sponsor for courses for you to change your skills even though you want to learn, then, you no longer have any job. If you have only one job, then, your sole income dies.

Thus, I have been checking out some of the ways I can earn extra income to pay for the above services. My favourite affiliate is Rakuten Marketing. It has thousands of links that I can use and join the programmes as long as I qualify for them. Just to name a few: Coursera, Espirit and many others. The links are easy to put up. I copy and paste the text provided and post them on my site. Here’s an easy way to be part of the Rakuten Marketing Programme: Technology Used by Successful Businesses.

I’ve also started on Amazon Affiliates because it’s one of the largest and there are stuff sold there that cannot be found in Singapore sites.

Another affiliate that I have also started on using is Lazada. The programme has its downsides since a number have been stating the payout is low. For a decent amount, the site does need to have high traffic before you can see the results. I would not recommend this for low traffic sites to depend on this solely.

Since I still have to buy stuff and tend to buy via online a lot, I use Shopback. A great way to get some cashback with the purchases. The payout for some purchases can take time thus, be patient. Some of the partners are AliExpress, Fave, Klook, Qatar and many more.

Speaking of AliExpress, I have installed the app on my Android phone and the most wonderful thing about this right now is that they have included a way to share my favourite items on any platform and earn some cash for my purchases on AliExpress. I have no idea if they will roll this via iOS or create an affiliate platform if this is a success.

To secure my accounts, I have been using LastPass. It includes 2FA that you can further secure your LassPass account. It has been a lifesaver since I have been using complex passwords for all my accounts. I’ve also activated accounts that allow 2FA; emails especially since I am using emails for signing on accounts.

With kids, I have to think about how to keep on earning when the job is no longer available.

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