Farewell, Aloysious Pang

It is coming to almost a week after the actor Aloysious Pang passed away due to the complications arising from his injuries sustained from his reservist training in New Zealand.

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With deep sadness, I was unable to feel anything else except pain whenever I read the news regarding him. I have never met him in life but there was this intense pain and I was wondering if I could feel this pain, how would his parents feel?

To the parents of Aloysious Pang, Mr and Mrs Pang, I’m am sorry about your loss. However, it feels more like sadness about your loss. For any parent, losing a child is painful and I don’t know how they get over the pain. Is the pain dull after a certain amount of years or do they feel the heartbreak whenever they see the photos?

It has taken me this long to pen this because each time, my throat gets constricted just at the thought of Aloysious Pang. I have not watched all of his works. My first view of him was I Not Stupid. I’ve watched a few episodes of You Can Be an Angel and some episodes of 29 February.

Now that I have managed to control myself, I hope that when Aloysious was conscious, able to say what he wanted to say to his loved ones before he departed this world. My hope is that he managed to tell his side of the story of what happened in the tank to help with the investigations.

May you, Mr and Mrs Pang, get closure from this unfortunate incident. I hope that your family will have closure regarding this incident. I am glad that you have raised a wonderful son who had done all he wanted and needed to do. I am glad that you had the time to spend with him. May your family find peace in the days to come.

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