P1 Orientation Process

So, I attended my elder girl’s P1 Orientation. I missed out the registration part because the younger one decided that it was a good time to poop. At McDonald’s. During breakfast. In her diapers.

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Since it was nearly time to go to the school, I got hubby, thank goodness he was able to take the leave, to bring the elder one to register first. I dislike tardiness and try my best to get to work on time too.

I took quite some time to wipe the butt with wet tissue on the toilet bowl seat because the other toilet was being washed. I made the toddler squat and commanded her to squat because she kept standing up. Halfway through, she decided to pee. The pee was flowing between the legs. I placed the seat cover up and told her to squat and pee. I started wiping yet again. I think half of the wet wipes (thank you for wet wipes because these taps were not helping, there are no bidets in public toilets for Singapore either) were used up.

Eventually, I made it to the school by letting the younger one sit in the stroller. I had debated about bringing it and brought it in the end. Thank goodness that the school has a lift that I could use. Not all schools have lifts. Managed to sit in the back rows. They had already started the performance. I was quite surprised that they had performances since I was expecting more of a simple orientation. The letter did state that the event would take place from 8.30 am to 11 am. I think it was rather long. Should have submitted the survey form.

I think the school wanted to showcase their talents from the CCA and encourage the 2019 batch to join in future. Although I have some questions about their tap dancing club. The performance didn’t feel like tap dancing and was more of a mix of hip hop and ballet?

I managed to sit through the talk after the performance while the hubby chased and looked after the younger wild child. The talk by the principal was all about letting go. Let the kids learn to be resilient, responsible and face the consequences. I like this principal. This is what all schools are aiming for and she spoke the thoughts. As parents, we do want our children to be resilient, thoughtful, independent, responsible and most important keep those darn toys away in the box or I will use the vacuum cleaner and suck up all the tiny toys and use the broom to sweep up the rest.

At the end of the talk, the principal shared a meaningful video. Have I mentioned that I like this principal? When the orientation ended for the children, we collected our kids and my girl had a tissue in her hand. She had obviously sobbed. Oh well.

The other parents were all standing up and there I was sitting down because I know that my girl was alright. As long as there were no teachers trying to look for me, she was alright.

We spent the rest of the day at the school trying to buy the books and uniforms. I should have bought the books a month before. The queue was so long after the orientation. The uniforms were given after the people in charge of selling the uniforms had measured my girl.

All in all, the delay was partly due to the long queues and the rain. It started raining after the orientation and the stroller got wet because I didn’t know that there was a gap between the place where I had left the stroller.

We went to have lunch before finally returning home for the much needed nap. Went out for dinner late in the evening for dinner. Frankly speaking, I have no idea what to cook. I would cook if no one complained about the food. If one dared to complain, I would not cook.

It was a long day and I’m glad we accomplished the necessary stuff. I hate ironing and now, the uniforms have to be ironed in future.

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