Dress The Kids Fashionably

I’m about dressing up. When it comes to my girls, there are times that I want them to be dressed up for the occasion or event. That way, I won’t hear people saying that the kids look pitiful when they wear old clothes. Sometimes, at home. When they are at home, I don’t want to think about ensuring that the clothes are old or faded. As long as they are dressed, I am fine.

India Jane Home Interiors

So, when they are in the air-conditioned rooms, this La Coqueta ALHELI GIRL DRESS – TURQUOISE FLORAL ought to keep the younger one warm. I hope. The sleeves are long enough, right?

In case anyone else thinks I’m torturing my kids, I will let my younger girl wear La Coqueta RAMBLA GIRL CARDIGAN – SAGE, ok now?

Since the younger one is already running, sheesh, this girl can run fast and I’m just finding it difficult to keep her shoes from being worn off. A pair of La Coqueta PRAM MARY JANE – IVORY should suit her just fine.

So as not to neglect my older girl, she will also get a pair of new La Coqueta Girl Mary Janes – Silver for the upcoming wedding.

I can’t help but love this La Coqueta ARALIA GRL DRESS – BLUE LINEN, I think one of my girls will look great in it.

What styles do you prefer for your children?
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