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Dining Numbers Effect

With the climbing numbers of KTV cluster that had reached the effects of being a huge impact on how gatherings can be done, it had been difficult in being able to dine in as a whole family of 4. Since the nation is getting higher numbers of vaccinated people, the dining rules are now flexible.

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Kids tend to stick to familiar people and it was difficult to ensure that my kids were seated in tables next to each other.

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So, for those who impacted at least 200,00 people for the QO, thanks for making things more difficult. Just one person who got the Covid and do you think you know the troubles that went on tracking and tracing if there was negligence on the immigration officers?

I am on a wild guess here but it might not be too far from the truth.

  1. Tracing when the person was admitted into Singapore.
  2. Tracing if the protocol was broken.
  3. Tracing if someone might have accepted any bribery to let in the hostess.
  4. Tracing the permits of the infected hostess.
  5. Protocols to be followed once the discovery was made.
  6. Tracing from where the hostess had contracted the Covid from.
  7. Deportation for the hostesses who broke the rules for the permits.

The list goes on and here we are, trying to ensure that none of us got Covid and people can’t keep it in their pants.

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