3 Exercises For Home Workouts

With young kids at home, I just find it difficult to visit gyms and all. Besides, gyms are expensive subscriptions and who knows when the gyms will suddenly close shop and lose all my subscriptions? Therefore, I am now only doing some workouts at home. With just a bed. Since I’m using a hard mattress, it’s saving me money in buying a yoga mat.

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What I started looking for was to tone my body instead of training to look like some bodybuilder. Thus, I found out that planks are good for training the core. I started off with the basic plank. From 30 seconds, I have now graduated to holding on to the plank for 1 minute. At least I think so since I counted instead of using a timer.

What I have recently started trying out is the 3 minute plank variation exercise. When I first started, I couldn’t finish the last minute of the intensive workout. I followed the video since the counter was there. Since this is a start, I am still struggling with this workout to progress to a longer time slot.

I want to get rid of that mummy tummy. Looking pregnant is not working out since I want to look nice in clothes. So, there is another intensive 3 minute workout that requires plank too.

In this video, I just need 4 minutes of intensive workouts. Squats are not easy since I used to it. I’m not sure if I like this series of exercise but hey, it’s free to do at home and I don’t have to change or go all the way to some gym and pay for the fees. I just want to tone my body and get rid of the mummy tummy once and for all. I want to look better in CNY 2019.

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