The Month Long School Holiday

June and December is an annual pilgrimage for parents to make the holidays less stressful and filled with stuff to overwhelm the kids so that house stays sane. I mean, the mum stays sane.

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I have never found the need to occupy my first child until now. With 2 kids who have boundless energy, I have no energy left for myself. I love to read and these 2 kids just love to get me to get something for them, from butt wiping to cleaning up their messes.

So, I happy to see parenting sites providing workshops and activities for parents to throw their kids into just to get some quiet and peace. Take this robotics programme for example, my kids are still too young to join. If they ever show interest, I will let them attend this. It looks utterly exciting.

For the kids who need more practice in speech, British Council is a good start. For those who just want the kids to have a head start, Beijing Language School is a good start too.

In case the kids still have more physical energy to be utilised, try out ActiveSG programmes. For those kids who are older and bolder to try out new activities, can look at the list here.

Of course, if you don’t need to let them attend workshops or anything else, you can always book that flight to somewhere and enjoy the experience.

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