The Best Bang for Buying Children’s Stuff

I started buying online when I first gave birth. The stuff are so much more in variety than in stores. At least, that’s what I think. So, subsequently, I heard of Shopback. This allows me to earn cash back from my spending. How cool is that?

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Besides allowing me to earn some cash back, I also get referral earnings. You get to earn if you join Shopback. It has awesome promotions throughout the year and sometimes, the referral links get more earnings for certain periods of the year.

Now, I’m using it for practically anything that offers cash back when I use it. What is even better now is that there is Shopback Go. You won’t need another account. Just link your usual paying card and shop at stores. Those brick and mortar stores or physical stores.

Just take note of the stores and activate the cash back before paying so that your payments can be tracked. Now, why am I using it? Again, I reiterate, I buy children’s clothes online, toys, bags and other things because when a particular toy cost less to buy online, I want to buy because that toy does not get any more love after a few months.

I just need some peace in doing the housework and other stuff like more pocket money to buy stuff for the kids. Who has ever rejected money that will not come out from your own pocket to pay for kids stuff? I like it when the MIL wins some lottery because she will spend it on my kids and I won’t need to fork out a single cent. How good is that? Ok, I’m not advocating gambling but if the money won is spent on my kids, I wish her luck. Always.

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