Keeping Track of Stuff by Naming Them

Now that there are more people in the house, I tend to get mixed up with the items when it comes to my girls. Having two girls means that I have 2 times the girls stuff. They may be different in height now, the older one tend to wear small sized clothes that she still likes. Sometimes, I wonder what goes on in her head; the clothes no longer fit her but she insisted on wearing the tiny Hello Kitty sleepwear.

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I have this thing for labels. What saves me time from sewing when I have to look after the “STOP CLIMBING UP THE CHAIR!” kid, this is absolutely perfect for me. Iron on Woven Name Tapes – Special Colours 10mm saves me time on sewing and the needle doesn’t get lost when I try to stop the “WILL YOU STOP EATING STUFF FROM THE RUBBISH BIN?!” kid from whatever disease the stuff from the rubbish bin will give her.

As the elder one is in school, I will need to label her items. Sadly, I couldn’t find a suitable label that can withstand water when I want to wash her stuff until I found this. Date Labels allows me to include the date that I put the food in when I am busy with the “THAT DUSTPAN STAYS IN THE KITCHEN! NOT BED!” kid.

Soon, the elder one will need a backpack and what better way to allow her to know that this backpack is hers? A good way to know that this Backpack is hers when it has her name.

I have friends whose kids have allergies and the school has requirements that parents make some food for the class every week on a rotation basis. Thus, I find this Allergy Labels useful. I am not sure of the rational of preparing food to share with the class though.

I have this fear that my girls will lose their shoes in school when they need to take them off for some activities. So, I am loving this Fab & Funky Shoe Labels. I won’t want them crying about lost shoes.

How would you ensure that your children’s stuff don’t go missing?

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