How to Manage Two Kids Without Help in 48 Hours

So, the hubby decided to 逍遥快活 (enjoy life to the fullest), someone said. I have the weekend with two kids. The younger one tend to climb up and down like an explorer but she often ends up with bumps and bruises if I were not to watch her like a hawk. If I have to bathe, it is best that I close the room door and open the toilet door while shouting “滑”. Not the easiest thing since I have a tendency to splash water all over the floor; considering that the basin is just next to the toilet entrance.

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I managed to keep the kids alive. We don’t have maids. We just try to get by because our salaries combined isn’t enough to hire a maid to clean up the house, look after the kids and still be able to travel as a family overseas annually. One may think that I don’t like to travel. I do. But how do I manage the kids when the hubby is just a big kid himself?

Back to the kids. So, I managed to cook something, instant noodles, better than nothing since I have no chance and time to cook more fancy stuff because kid number 2 is climbing all over whatever surface she can find. I still cook some porridge for the climbing kid. The elder one is surviving on chips and biscuits. Seriously, I cook rice, and other food but she only wants chips and biscuits. She chooses the place and only that place can eat this kind of food. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!

Anyway, I brought the kids out because I don’t want to be cooped up at home although I would love to rest, thank you very much. With kids, one doesn’t really get any sleep at all. Hence, I am plotting my revenge on the hubby. I will go and enjoy my travelling life once the kids are older. Hopefully, in just another 3 years’ time. If my heart allows me to stay away from them for more than 3 days straight.

I still want to travel as a family.

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