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A Date to Remember

The youngest in the family is now married. According to the law, anyway. I am feeling proud. The pride is that I have a new sister-in-law. We brought our 2 kids to the ROM and it was chaos and tiring because the toddler kept trying her best to escape to her playground, the road.

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Took us a lot of tries and cajoling just to prevent her from exploring the road. It may have been a weekday but there were quite a number of cars at the drop off porch. The elder girl tried her best to stop her sister and we took turns in preventing any mishaps. Including my parents who arrived later on.

A solemn ceremony with lots of coaxing my active child. Chose a seat next to the window and let her view the garden outside. I managed to capture a lot of photos or at least I thought. I mean, how many photos can one take when the scenery is just that big?

Apparently, after the solemnisation has concluded, the whole family and friends who came in through the door, exit by the window. No wonder no one came out through the door.

I think I was already tired before the ceremony. It was totally too early for us to reach. However, we survived the dangers that the young one put us through and the tantrums of the elder one because of her logic that we can eat at home despite the fact I won’t be cooking and there is nothing edible or rather, nothing that can just be eaten straight away.

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