5 Cardigans to Keep Warm in The Office

Working means staying in the office most of the time, for my case anyway. I love to keep warm so that I would be able to concentrate on my work on hand. I prefer cardigans for the soft flow look.

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I love the waterfall look. Just makes the look so classy. Don’t you find this Attractive Paneled Solid Cardigan elegant at the same time?

Now, sometimes, the air conditioner in the office just isn’t too cold but the cool wind is still blowing at you, I love chiffon versions. Totally loving this long version of Chiffon Floral Printed Cardigan Coats.

I have a love for irregular or high low hems. This is one of my favourite style. Totally wanting this Solid Color Irregular Fringe Knit Cardigan now.

I love this chic Drape Collar Long Sleeve Open front cardigan. Looks great to wear when there is a meeting going on in the office.

I love to cover my head if the cold air were to blow against it when I’m sitting just below the air conditioner. This Solid Long Sleeve Irregular Hooded Cardigan is the perfect fit for me.

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